Animal Care Trust

A change cannot be brought about alone we need your support, here is list we would wish to thank... and your support can make a difference

  • Santhosh Pai
  • Aparna Ray
  • Meghraj Rajeev
  • K R Ramesh
  • Shobha Ramesh
  • Late K.Ganesh Shenoy
  • Sulakshana Ganesh Shenoy
  • Prashanth Shenoy
  • Late Janardhan Rao
  • Rajaram Baliga ( USA )
  • Anne Mundkur- England
  • Vikram Mundkur- England
  • Margaret Sherlock- England
  • Animal Lovers from England
  • C.A.U.S. E Foundation
  • Marchig Trust
  • Saish Baliga
  • C.Devdas Kamath
  • Dr. Ganesh S Pai
  • Giselle Mehta & Dharmendra Mehta
  • Francis Periera
  • C. Padmanabha Kamath
  • Dr. Meera
  • Dr. Sunil & Shaila Shenoy
  • IADVL Dermacon, Mangalore
  • All our monthly donors who lend us tremendous support
Donated BSA Hercules cycle to ACT
Rescue Van donated by Francis Periera & Late Violet Periera

If you are an animal lover and get distressed by cruelty to animals, come join us to save Mangalore Animals from apathy. Here is how you can help us and join the endaevour to strengthen our hands:
  • Donate as often as you can to Animal Care Trust and support our various Animal Welfare Projects.
  • Find homes for abandoned animals.
  • Boycott entertainment that explits animals
  • Motivate change in school / college policies to stop dissection of living creatures.
  • Demand welfare measures from all animals owners and object to cruelty.
  • Discourage the sales of birds
  • Become a member of ACT.

New Fridge & Washing Machine has been donated.

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