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Vatsalya - The Shelter

Ward 'Garuda'

Donated by Dharmendra & Giselle Mehta. This ward is exclusively a rescue & rehabilitation area for sick, injured birds. The speciality of this ward is that it is hand painted artistically by our ACT volunteers.

Garuda Ward Garuda Ward Garuda Ward Garuda Ward Garuda Ward
Garuda Ward Garuda Ward Garuda Ward Garuda Ward Garuda Ward
Garuda Ward Garuda Ward Garuda Ward Garuda Ward

"Vatsalya" means compassion in Sanskrit. The Animal Shelter of ACT situated at Shakthi Nagar, Mangalore that spreads over half acres of land, “Vatsalya” is a haven for stray animals in the city. Be it dogs, cats, cattle, birds, reptiles… all of them live here harmoniously. Mainly funded by Late Katapadi Ganesh Shenoy "Vatsalya" has been functional from 12th February 2006.

'Vatsalya' has the following facilities for its inmates

Ward 'Lassy'

Donated by Late Mr. Katapadi Ganesh Shenoy in memory of his dog 'Lassy'. This unit has the operation theatre, post operative wards, staff quarters, Out Patient Department and kitchen. At a time 75 dogs can be housed in ward 'Lassy'. Currently this ward is being used to house street dogs who have undergone the ABC/ARV and pregnant female dogs

Trauma Centre Trauma Centre Trauma Centre


Ward'Sneha' donated by Mr. K. R. Ramesh. This ward houses dogs subjected to abuse or injured in accidents which has left them permanently handicapped.

Trauma Centre Trauma Centre Trauma Centre

Ward 'Misty'
Donated by our Managing Trustee Dr. Ganesh S Pai, houses abandoned, old and sick dogs and dogs put up for adoptions

Ward 'Misty' Ward 'Misty' Ward 'Misty' Ward 'Misty' Ward 'Misty'

Isolation ward - Ward 'Dayakara' ‘Daya’ means mercy in Sanskrit and this ward, true to its name, is dedicated to helpless dogs with canine distemper, rabies etc., This ward was donated by Corporation Bank, Mangalore.

Isolation ward Isolation ward Isolation ward    

Ward Dhruvtara ACT inaugurated ward ‘Dhruvtara’, it is a primary cattery inagurated in October 2008. This ward houses injured and sick cats, cats under post-operative care and abandoned kittens. This ward is donated by Mr. Diwakar Bhat & Family.
Contact +91 98452 55777 to spay your cat
Ward Dhruvathara Ward Dhruvathara Ward Dhruvathara Ward Dhruvathara Ward Dhruvathara


Means "In the shadow of the mother ". This ward was inaugrated on 13/05/2012 as a part of world mothers day. This facility is one of its kind for pregant animals be it dogs, cattle, cats, where they can deliver and raise their young ones under our constant care. This ward will prevent dogs littering in drains, & their pups being washed away during rains.

Waiting to deliver her pups upcomingward

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